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Volunteer Information

2023 International Conference Volunteer Submission Form Information:

Thank you for considering to volunteer at the Fall Chicago Conference!  Below are the descriptions of opportunities for your service.  Please click on the link below to submit your availability.  THANK YOU!

VOLUNTEER TYPES:  (Time commitment will not exceed 1 hour in most areas):

HOSPITALITY ROOM: Light duties including, but not limited to, refill items, wipe tables, and other small duties in the area. Hospitality volunteers will also be needed November 16, Thursday  in the afternoon & evening to support the  trustee meeting .  **Rooms can collectively claim 1-hour slots for the hospitality room**


TRAFFIC CONTROL: Guide conference attendees through shared areas quickly and efficiently and assist with supporting room capacity numbers during workshops.

ALL NIGHT THERAPY ROOM: Facilitate therapies in the assigned room (10 PM to 6 AM CST--the last therapy hour starts at 6AM)). 1 hour time blocks.


FLOATER: Duties as assigned and/or as needed

Volunteers will be notified of their assigned location and time slot no later than November 13, 2023 via email or text or Whatsapp.

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